About ROH

Through our Meal Ministry, we provide well balanced, hot, nutritious meals for the hungry and hurting. We serve six meals per week, the most of any such social service agency in the county. The number of meals we serve has increased dramatically, from 14,500 in 2008 to 73,322 in 2013.

Our 34-bed Men’s Emergency Shelter, one of only two in Stark County, provides a safe, clean place to sleep, meals and hot showers for homeless men while they sort through the personal, financial and/or societal issues that caused them to be homeless. ROH’s shelter has been occupied near, at or over capacity every night for the past three years and has grown from providing 8,800 bedded nights in 2008 to 16,280 last year.

In addition to providing meals and shelter, ROH continues to promote an atmosphere that exemplifies God’s love, hope and saving grace through Jesus Christ. Regardless of our life circumstances, God loves and cares about each of us personally.

We also believe at ROH that we are blessed by God so that we may be a blessing to others. A sign in front of a church may have said it best: Come to Worship. Leave to Serve. That sums ROH’s primary mission…to worship a loving God by serving others in need.

ROH is supported by area churches of various denominations, individuals, businesses, foundations and other such civic-minded organizations. All of our provided services are free of charge.